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Celebrating your 40th during a pandemic - Angie Lopez

Hi everyone! For those that haven't met me yet I wanted to introduce myself.. my name Is Angie business owner and photographer to Creations With A Kiss and for those who have met me welcome to my first blog. Today I turn 40! Happy Birthday to me! Just like many of us it’s not exactly how I envisioned it but above all I thank god that I am here to celebrate another year of life. I pray it’s a healthy and safe one so I can continue to be with my children, husband, family and friends. (Children: Tay 13, Penelope 3, and Landon 2 soon)

There's a harsh reality that a LOT of us have or will be celebrating some of life's biggest moments in this surreal state of quarantine.

I'll like to start off by saying these past few years have been life changing and the best years of my life. I met the love of my life, my family grew at a rapid pace, I started my business now going on 3 years, I officially became Mrs. Lopez last year where we celebrated our union in beautiful Mexico and have met the most amazing influential people in my life. I wanted to celebrate big especially it being a big milestone year for me and I just wanted to celebrate life something I had never done. I had a big birthday party planned this weekend. All of my friends (from near and far) were going to be there. I wanted the celebration to be set around ‘woman empowerment’ and of course with my family and friends but mainly to be around the most amazing women I have in my life that I know have worked so hard to be where they are now. Every vendor that I included at my party we're all women who I admired and I saw worked hard for their business and naturally I wanted to support them. (I tagged them in case you want to ever use them for future). However, after the recent events I immediately heart and mind shifted elsewhere my day and night focus was to take care of my family & friends in anyway I could. I had my sister and nephew working the front lines in NYC Presbyterian Hospital and my elderly parents who I needed to look out for. My priorities quickly changed right from the beginning of this Pandemic.

Although this pandemic we are all going through is the scariest and overwhelming experience of my life and to ever go through, I'm also grateful because of it I’m closer then I have ever been with my family, I value our time together, I have never kept more in touch with my friends, we check on each other daily, set up zoom calls with friends and family to be there to support each other especially since Covid hit home for us. I can only pray that we continue to remain safe and that’s all I want. No party, material, vacations, objects can ever amount to our health and lives.

I now look forward to my weekly NJ Mom live on Tuesday nights with Marissa, my weekly calls with my photog girlfriends, my night cuddles with my babies, my daily texts with my sister and friends, my face times with my parents who I can't wait to one day hug again. That is what I value and treasure the most today.

So, here from my quarantine, I raise my glass to you if you're celebrating a milestone or special moment in your life in the coming days/weeks. Together we will get through this stronger.

Officially started my first blog on my website:

Follow me if you are not: @creationswithakiss

Amazing images and photography by my friend & mentor @loveprintphotography

Party vendors:

Decorator: @Rykentertainment

DJ: @djladystar

Custom Sign: @Averylittleshop

Bartending Services: @Gracie_1030

Venue: @Loftlifevenue

Personalized Balloons: @princessdreamsnj

Love & Kisses! xoxox


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