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Landon Turn's Two!

I can't believe my baby is turning two... how did it go so quick. For those of you who don't know me personally I write birthday letters to all my babies every year. I hope one day as they get older and even when I am no longer here they will always have these to remember.

Ahhh.. it is now 3 months since I have been able to shoot due to this Pandemic (gosh I miss it). I still have been fortunate to be able capture my kids thank god. I couldn't wait for my little Landon's birthday.. I wanted to capture his personality who he is today. He is definitely the shyer one and gets so red like his papa...but don't let that fool you.. he is also very daring and loves to dance when no one is looking. He is the light to my life!

Here is my letter to him on his second birthday:

To my little love and only son,

Today, as we celebrate you turning two years old, I find myself just wanting to celebrate you.

Let me explain... Lately with everything going on I’ve been reflecting on the indescribable way my love for you has shifted over time. Now more then ever I just want to keep you and your sisters protected. I’m a little emotional today with everything going on and that we cant celebrate you the way we want to. But I’m also thankful that we are all healthy, safe, and most important together.

Let me start by saying this- although you’re turning another year older, you will always be your mama’s baby. I don’t care how old you grow to be, I will always give you hugs and kisses and call you “my baby,” because that’s who you are. I know the day may come when you’ll be embarrassed by my displays of affection and you might push me away, but I won’t ever stop showering you with my love. You are my boy. My life. For always.

So now you’re two, and it’s occurred to me that my love for you actually goes far beyond your connection to me. My love for you today is based strongly on who you are as your own person rather than on the fact that you’re my son. As you continue to grow and develop, so will the way I love you. And then one day I will wake up (god willing) and you will be an adult, one that I hope to love not only as a son, but also as a friend.

So my message to you on your second birthday is simply this: You are awesome. Your boundless energy, your sweet demeanor, your creative spirit it all comes together to make you a truly remarkable little human being.

Thanks for choosing me as your mom! Happy Birthday my love I hope you have a blast today! Love mom

I hope you enjoyed my second blog post. Stay safe & healthy!



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