Our little humans

As we begin to open back up and continue our lives after quarantine many of us face the reality that at some point our children will be going back to school and/or daycare or even living regular life while wearing a mask. As parents/guardians during this pandemic we went through so many fears and full on protective mode to take care of our little humans. I am guilty to say that I was one of them that went on full protective mode and many times didn’t take a step back to fully understand the feelings or ask my children specifically my little ones how they felt. I just knew protecting them was my number one priority.

Now with the new regulations it’s required for anyone over the age of 2 must wear masks. It breaks my heart that this is the new normal for our children. Here are a few images I captured of my Penelope. Behind their mask they are little people just like us who may be scared, sad, and may wonder why they can’t hug family and friends like they use to. That they can’t go to the park the way they once did. That they can’t be kids the way they once were.

I decided to interview my 3 year old daughter to see her take on what she thinks is going on and how she feels about masks:

Mom: Hi momma.. going to ask you a few questions between us. I want to see how your little heart is feeling ok.

Penelope: Ok mommy

Mom: What is your name?

Penelope: Penelope

Mom: Do you know why we can’t go outside the way we use to?

Penelope: Yes because of germs and raccoons.

Mom: Who do you miss seeing?

Penelope: I miss Mila, Sophia, Mrs. Angela, Ally, Jax, Santabel (Sanibel) Nana, Tia Kathy

Mom: What do you want to do when the germs are over?

Penelope: Go to the park

Mom: How does it feel to wear a mask? Hot and uncomfortable

Penelope: ok done (runs off)

I think I got the point of it. She misses being a kid and free. I encourage everyone with little ones especially to sit back and ask how they are feeling.

Wishing you all love, health and peace! Xoxox Angie

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